To present your artistic side to the world in a better way, graphic design software is helpful. These state of the art graphic design software will help you make some fascinating designs.

Microsoft Paint can do wonders if used by a professional. However, the controls and features of excellent graphic design software can put up flairs to your work.

For any seasoned designer, having a graphic design software as their second home is a common thing. Thus, having an intangible and feature-rich software is essential.

So let us take a look at what is a Graphic Design software before diving into the options you should select from.

What is Graphic Design Software?

The niche where artists create visual content using computer tools and software is called Graphic Design.

The software or computer tools which help produce these Graphic Designs are known as Graphic Design Software. Graphic design software facilitates a human to create and manipulate images with ease.

Moreover, there are video manipulating Graphic Softwares as well, which enables the user to manipulate and create graphics within a video.

Types Of Graphic Design Software

Desktop publishing software

Best Free Graphic Design Software

Best Free Graphic Design Software

Desktop Publishing is the creation of documents employing page layout software, and these softwares are known as Desktop publishing software. It focuses on page layout, arranging text and graphics to create documents for print & digital use. Earlier, you would have to wait for a long and tiresome process of manual print. However, these softwares can get the work done in a jiffy. They have democratised the industry.

Photo editing software

Best Free Graphic Design Software

Best Free Graphic Design Software

A photo editing software enables users to edit and manipulate a still image. It offers a wide range of features for importing and modifying image files. Users can create a whole new image using these software. They can make an object from the image disappear, create a new one and whatnot. These objects open up the probability of what you can do with one single image. The final image after the editing may look nothing like the original due to this.

Drawing software

Drawing software facilitates the user to make art on the computer. These softwares gives users several tools for creating art and illustrations with precision. These Drawing softwares are very accurate and relatively easy to use. These software helps the artist to portray his emotions on a screen perfectly.

3D Modelling Software

3D modelling software enables the users to create any object, real or not, on a computer using mathematical representation. It can create virtual reality, video games, motion pictures and medical imaging. A 3D modelling software produces life-like representations of objects with a depth in the image.

2D Modelling Software

2D modelling software can create objects in two-dimensions. You can use it to create basic shapes and images like ClipArt, Thumbnail etc. These software cannot recreate depth information like 3D ones. However, for plain images, they are just as good as their 3D counterparts in the work.

Selecting The Best Graphic Design Software Tailored For Your Needs

A free graphic design software version does not have the mouth-watering features which come with premium graphic design software. However, premium ones are not there for everyone’s budget. In that case, free ones are the saviours to get the work done without burning hole in your wallet. Most graphic design software free download links are available on their websites

So, let us look at the graphic design software list which has features you need.

1. Vectr

Vectr is a totally free graphic design software. It is available as both a browser web app as well as desktop software. If you are new to this field, or cannot afford to buy Adobe Illustrator, Vectr is a go-to option for you. Vectr is an excellent choice for vector images.

Vectr also provides cross-platform compatibility. This means that you can continue your work on any shared system. It helps a lot when the project is a team project.

To use Vectr, you need little-to-no knowledge of Graphic designing thanks to the fact that it is effortless to use. Vectr gives you the option of saving the current project in real-time while you are working on it.


    • Easy to use interface
    • Cross-platform compatibility
  • Available as both web app and desktop app
  • Real-time saving


  • Long Sign-up process
  • Sometimes chunky in saving
  • Local saving is not present
  • Importing vector PDFs changes the features

2. Inkscape


Inkscape is one of the best free graphic design software available in terms of drawing software.

For beginners, it is an excellent option due to its modern tools and effects which are easy to use. It is famously called the free alternative to Adobe Illustrator. Even though it is free, it does not lack features or capability. A seasoned or standard graphic designer can do wonders using this software. Projects that require high scalabilities such as illustrations or vector art are easy to get done here.

It is also open-source software. Thus you can quickly get updates and solutions to problems as the community can solve problems and add new features.


  • Free to use
  • Loads of tools
  • New features added frequently


  • Can be a bit laggy in extensive projects


Best Free Graphic Design Software

Best Free Graphic Design Software

GIMP is top graphic design software which is open-source and initially launched for Unix-based systems.

GNU Image Manipulation Program, full for GIMP, is now available to all major Operating Systems.

It is a photo-editing software and has an interface different from that of Adobe Photoshop. However, it has a version which mimics Photoshop’s interface. In terms of tools, you will not feel empty here due to the extensive set of tools.

Whatever you want to do to an image, GIMP is there for you ranging from colour correction to stamping to cloning.


  • Wide range of tools
  • Compatible with various file formats
  • Multi-language support
  • Vivid UI


  • Has various bugs like problems in login
  • Lacks the depth of a commercial photo editing programs

4. Gravit Designer

Best Free Graphic Design Software

Best Free Graphic Design Software

Gravit Designer is a good graphic design software created by the company making Corel Draw. It is feature-rich as well as very intuitive software to use.

Gravit’s interface is immaculate, and it adjusts itself according to your ease. Even though it is free, you can take this software for any task regarding vector drawings. From a job involving screen design to a job regarding app icon designs, Gravit is worthy of using.

Gravit Designer has a pro version too which is up for the stakes for a few bucks. The Pro version adds up even more features. Regardless, the free version is still a powerful software to use.


  • A massive list of tools available
  • Intuitive and Adapting UI
  • Cloud integration is amazing


  • Eventually going to be paid
  • CMYK and HSB are available only in the PRO version; the free version only has RGB

5. Pixlr

Best Free Graphic Design Software

Best Free Graphic Design Software

Pixlr is yet another free Photo editing software available out there. It has a layout very similar to that of Adobe Photoshop. This fact makes it easy to switch over to Pixlr from Photoshop.

The software boasts over two million combinations of free filters, tools and effects. It can change a typical picture to a Shutterstock worthy with its features.

It also provides you with the leverage of using the web version if you do not want to install the software on your device.

Pixlr does come with in-app purchases to remove ads, adding extra borders and stickers.


  • Extensive library of effects and filters
  • Smaller application size which is smooth to run
  • Can be used without downloading
  • Wide uploading options


  • The web version works with Flash, which is going to end support soon
  • The free version has ads
  • No support for TIFF and BMP images

6. Infogram

Best Free Graphic Design Software

Best Free Graphic Design Software

Infogram is a free Desktop Publishing type of Graphic Designing app. It is an excellent tool for making a wide variety of graphs, charts etc. Also, it gives you the leverage of uploading images and videos to create cool infographics.

Data can be entered and modified using an Excel sheet which is easy for the user to use. It is excellent graphic design software for beginners free of cost.


  • Easy to use infographics
  • Drag and Drop functionality
  • Multiple page format supported
  • Can upload images and videos too


  • The free version does not have rich text editing
  • Not optimised for mobile devices

7. TinkerCAD

Best Free Graphic Design Software

Best Free Graphic Design Software

TinkerCAD is a free 3D modelling computer graphic design software by AutoDesk. It was initially designed for educational purposes so that people with zero experience with 3D modelling can learn it. Your browser can also access this software.

The design of TinkerCAD was for educational purposes; hence it has a very easy to use UI.

This software is more like a school, teaching you the basics of 3D modelling. It is one of the best graphic design software for beginners.

You can integrate this software with many 3D printers.


  • Very easy to use
  • Can be used for 3D printing
  • Easy to make 3D models of real objects
  • Good baseline CAD program


  • Import options are limited
  • Does not works offline
  • Gives only plain colours to your models

8. ArtStudio

Best Free Graphic Design Software

Best Free Graphic Design Software

Apple’s AppStore has only a handful of free apps remaining as of now. ArtStudio fills up that list. It is a drawing software for mobile device users and is a good free graphic design software for beginners.

This app helps users to draw on the fly without the need of a Desktop. It is like Photoshop for mobile devices.


  • On the go editing
  • Extensive tools
  • Easy UI


  • Android devices have support issues
  • macOS version is not free

9. Blender

Blender is a 3D modelling graphic design software free of cost. It is a software for those who are serious about 3D modelling but are held back by their wallets.

This software marks itself as the largest open-source tool for 3D creation. Anything in 3D modelling and Blender can do that.

Blender is open-source, making a vast community able to change and add features to the software.


  • Open-source
  • Easy and catchy workflow
  • Wide variety of tools
  • GPU rendering possible


  • Motion-Capture support is not appropriate
  • Cluttered menu and toolbars

10. Krita

Best Free Graphic Design Software

Best Free Graphic Design Software

Krita is a free graphic design software online designed by industry experts in VFX and graphic design. It is also an open-source software and has a full set of brushes suitable for any project. It also has a wide variety of plugins available for your use.

Its feature interface is very optimised to use, and artistic aids for perspective work is a breeze here.

The free tag comes from the fact that not-so-rich artists themselves created it.


  • Loads of features and tools
  • Interesting and easy to use


    • High memory usage
  • Crashing issue
  • filters and layer styles are missing

11. Canva

Best Free Graphic Design Software

Best Free Graphic Design Software

Canva is a desktop publishing software. It has great tools from colour palette tool to font picker for making different types of posters, logos etc. It is one of the best graphic design software free of charge.

Moreover, it is like a full graphic design suite providing simplicity even though it lacks some features as compared to the Adobe suite. Canva can work on browsers but to enjoy the full-fledged features, you would have to try the Mobile OS apps.


  • Easy to use
  • Thousands of templates
  • Great tool for social media marketing
  • GIF creation is also possible


  • Requires a good internet bandwidth
  • Cannot change the image in the free version
  • Many of the graphics and templates are not free

12. Lucidpress

Lucidpress is a free online graphic design software and is also a Desktop software. Its biggest advantage is its seamless sharing. You and your colleagues can work on the same document simultaneously. You can also set-up a team with each member having specific roles on the project.

Lucidpress is a professional graphic design software focused on business. With its browser app, you do not need to download a Desktop software to use Lucidpress.


  • Well-engineered with businesses in focus
  • Easy to use drag and drop interface
  • Seamless sharing is fairly useful
  • Support multiple image colour formats


  • Lack of a comprehensive image library
  • No mobile OS app for on-the-go work

13. Photoscape

Photoscape is free photo-editing software. It is a great software for beginners to learn from or for professionals who cannot afford expensive paid software. The editing toolkit here offers loads of tools including animated GIF editor, printing render etc. The software also has multilingual support through downloadable content.

An easy to use interface ensures that beginners are having a good time using this software.


  • Easy to use
  • Multilingual support
  • Loads of tools
  • Functionalities like batch editing function, a built-in screen capture tool and image viewer


  • Not available on Linux
  • Lacks advanced image editing options

14. Crello

Crello is yet another free desktop publishing software. It boasts an image library of over 65 million files, more than a dozen thousand templates and a lot more. Crello is a software made for professionals who hesitate to spend their bucks on the paid software.

It has a very interactive and easy UI, making designing look fun. You can create animated graphics, customise templates and what not with this software.

Crello has a pro version too providing the ease of removing Crello watermark and some advanced animation functionality.


  • Large image gallery to choose from
  • Professional quality software which is easy to use for beginners too.


  • Most of the assets require a pro version upgrade
  • New videos take some time to get uploaded
  • Free plain is very much limited

15. FotoJet

Fotojet is another professional, free photo-editing software. Even though it is a full-fledged professional software, it is still easy for beginners to use. It has a fairly large library of templates and inbuilt samples.

This software is fairly easy for those who want to make Youtube cover or Facebook banners.

It also gives you the leverage of directly sharing the final project to social media sites.


  • Extensive template library
  • User-friendly interface
  • Instant share to social media


  • Not available on Linux and mobile devices
  • Limited image library
  • Not so polished photo edition features for professionals

16. Stencil


The Stencil is a free,cloud-based photo-editing software that allows creators to tweak and share their content in a breeze.

Stencil is more focused on producing content for digital marketing purposes. This means that the template flexibility is not up to the mark in comparison with other software. However, you get more inclined tools specifically designed to make social media marketing content.

Stencil’s UI is intuitive and fairly easy to use. Both professionals, as well as newbies, can use Stencil.

Its pro version is still a cheap graphic design software in comparison with prices of other software.


  • Low-Learning curve, making it easy to learn
  • Focused tools for social media content
  • Flexible upgrade plans


  • Remains largely incompetent for non-social media posts
  • The free version has only 10 photos per month cap

17. AutoCAD


AutoCAD is a 2d modelling software by AutoDesk and is fairly professional software. Professionals use it to make 2d models.

It comes in as a Desktop software as well as a browser app. The browser app is error-free and works on a good internet connection.

AutoCAD is an industry-standard software when it comes to graphic design modelling. However, you will have to buy the software for professional use.


  • One of the best in the field
  • Extensive tool library
  • Possibility to work in 3D space
  • Cloud integration is present


  • Only limited file formats supported
  • Can be time-consuming sometimes to finish large projects.

18. LibreCAD

LibreCAD is yet another 2D modelling software, and it is open-source too. This means it is free and gets huge community support. It is available on all major desktop OS.

It also gets cross-platform support, meaning you can continue your work on any other supported system.

LibreCAD is supporting more than 30 languages, thus removing the language barrier.

Since it is open-source, LibreCAD has a very large community. This community is fairly helpful and knowledgeable.


  • Completely free
  • Open-source hence can be customised


  • Tools available are not sufficient
  • Some versions are unstable
  • Only works in 2D
  • No support for DWG which is a common format for designing

19. FreeCAD

FreeCAD is a modelling software directly aimed at mechanical engineers and others in this field. It works on the OpenCasCade, a powerful geometry kernel.

It is also completely free software with no extra costs. FreeCAD is smaller in size than some of the similar software.

All these things make it a perfect tool for professionals who need a drafting tool.


  • Completely Free
  • Great drafting tool
  • Suitable for small projects
  • Comparatively smaller in size
  • Simple to use


  • The software has many bugs

Bonus Tool

Free online EPS File Converter tool. Here is the link:

You can simply drag an eps file and convert it into various formats including JPG, PNG, TIFF & PDF. It’s got really great features and is quite easy to use.


After going through this list, you might wonder what is the easiest graphic design software to use amongst the list? In my opinion, the easiest graphic design software would be Canva. Canva’s intuitive UI and app compatibility on even mobile devices give it an instant attraction and ease of usage.

Though you might find some other software is better than Canva depending on your use. So it’s up to you to choose from our list of the best software and give stars to your graphic design.