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best wordpress hosting

best wordpress hosting

WordPress is nowadays the gold standard for SEOs and Blogs. However, you cannot just make a website on WordPress and make it run. WordPress hosting is also a thing to consider. But how to choose the best WordPress hosting?

What is web hosting?

For making a website visible on the web, you need to store your website’s files and data on a computer with an Internet Connection. These large, high-powered computers are known as web servers.

Website hosts are nothing but companies that physically house multiple web servers in one location. It is also known as a data center. Not only web hosting involves hosting the web servers but, website hosts provide the software, security, support, and bandwidth that connects your website to the Internet.

There is a variety of hosting solutions to accommodate a wide variety of websites and customer needs. We will now talk about shared web hosting.

What is shared web hosting?

When we talk about a Shared hosting solution, our hosting account is one of several accounts on a server, or group of servers, that are maintained by a hosting provider.

It means that in shared hosting, the same servers host multiple accounts.

If it is a new business, and you are new to hosting and watching your budget, shared hosting might be the right way of starting it.

Here are a few points to consider, when determining if shared hosting is the right choice for you.

Generally, the daily traffic to a small business website does not exceed 2,000 visitors. So small business websites do not require a lot of bandwidth or resources to support them.

Also, newer, small business websites tend to be more simple and straightforward. Which, in turn, means they usually do not require a lot of server space or other resources.

Shared hosting solutions allow you to get your business website the power and space it needs, at a much lower cost than a dedicated solution.

What is WordPress? Why is it so popular?

The most straightforward answer to this question is that WordPress is the simplest, most popular way to create your website or blog.

Furthermore, what is surprising about WordPress is that it hosts more than 37 percent of websites on the Internet, which simply means that WordPress hosts every one on four websites. However, what makes it so popular?

Here are a few points that explain the immersive use of WordPress.

1. WordPress is free. You can download it right now with no money involved at all.

2. WordPress is an open source. Thousands of volunteers around the globe made it, and everyone can participate in working towards improving it and help the platform grow even more.

3. WordPress provides almost every standard feature a modern website should have, which makes it a smart choice.

4. WordPress is extensible; that means you can add custom features to WordPress with the help of plug-ins.

5. WordPress is versatile, and it can run any type of website. A simple business site, a blog, a photo site, a hobby site, or a professional corporate site, WordPress can easily handle it all.

What is WordPress Hosting?

In simple words, WordPress web hosting is a host optimized to run WordPress.

The additional features are on the basis of what hosting method you opt to use. It also typically includes one-click WordPress installs to make it easy to start with using WordPress. Moreover, some WordPress hosts will even automatically update your WordPress software as you need it to. Just like other hosting services, WordPress also has two types.

1. Shared WordPress hosting

These types of hosting have multiple users hosted on a single server. They are relatively cheaper than Managed WordPress hosting.

2. Managed WordPress Hosting

In these, every user gets their hosting server. These are faster and more secure compared to Shared WordPress hosting

WordPress hosting works with very decent requirements. You just need a host with PHP version 5.2.4 or higher and MySQL 5.0.15 or higher. In simpler words, what this means is that every host is technically capable of handling WordPress.

What makes it different from web hosting is that it is specifically for hosting WordPress. Hosting providers facilitate additional features related to WordPress, such as a CPanel and plug-ins.

Difference between WordPress Hosting & Shared hosting

When you create a website, one of the most important decisions you have to make is what type of hosting plan to purchase. Selecting the best WordPress hosting is vital.

Two of the most popular choices for beginner website owners are shared hosting and WordPress hosting. Shared hosting is where you share space on a server with other sites. This makes it a low-cost option.

WordPress hosting means that the server comes optimized with the specific platform in mind.

In shared hosting, a single server is split between multiple websites.

As the name suggests, WordPress hosting is web hosting that is optimized for the needs of a WordPress website. It is essential to understand that WordPress is not a type of plan in the same way that shared hosting is. WordPress hosting can be shared or dedicated.

What matters is that WordPress hosting better meets the performance and security needs of sites built using this platform. Not only that, but you may also get access to platform-specific features such as pre-installed sites, automatic WordPress updates, and dedicated WordPress support.

Let us take a look at 9 best WordPress Hosting in 2020:

1. GoDaddy

best wordpress hosting

best wordpress hosting

GoDaddy is one of the best WordPress hosting providers available in the market. It also facilitates hosting on both Linux and Windows through multiple shared hostings. They have amazed around 100 million customers worldwide, and the number is still growing.

Apart from hosting, they also provide services such as web security, WordPress website designer etc. GoDaddy is the perfect choice for newbies in the field of WordPress.

Shared WordPress hosting plans: Basic, Deluxe, Ultimate, E-commerce

Managed WordPress hosting plans (Pro Plans): Pro 5, Pro 10, Pro 25, Pro 50

Uptime: 99.97%


  1. Unlimited bandwidth
  2. Easy user interface
  3. Offers a reliable website builder
  4. Free business email for the first year
  5. Free website migration
  6. Automatic WordPress core software updates
  7. WordPress SEO Plug-in
  8. Daily backup with simple one-click restore.
  9. Thousands of free themes and plug-ins.
  10. Daily malware scans


  1. Fee for industry-standard cPanel
  2. Does not provide free SSL with Basic and Deluxe Plans
  3. Supports only one website in shared WordPress hosting

Pricing [ 1 Year Term ]

Shared WordPress Hosting:

Currently: $6.99 to $15.99 per month

Normally: $9.99 to 24.99 per month

Managed WordPress Hosting: $24.99 to $169.99 per month

2. A2 Hosting

best wordpress hosting

best wordpress hosting

A2 Hosting is another hosting service that needs to be under your radar. Just like Blue Host, it also has a high trust score. They provide low-cost WordPress hosting solutions. They are independent, meaning they have full control of their servers making it one of the best WordPress hosting services.

A2 hosting is also the fastest WordPress hosting provider, according to surveys.

Shared WordPress hosting plans: Startup, Drive, Turbo Boost, Turbo Max.

Managed WordPress hosting plans: 1-Sites, 3-Sites, Unlimited

Uptime: 99.93%


  1. Unlimited bandwidth and databases
  2. Free SSL certificate
  3. Free site migration
  4. Anytime money-back guarantee
  5. 24/7/365 Guru Crew support
  6. Turbo optimized for faster page delivery
  7. Plesk control panel (Managed WordPress)
  8. Free Jetpack Personal License (Managed WordPress)
  9. Easy and automated backups (Managed WordPress)


  1. Does not provide free domain in Managed WordPress
  2. No automated updates in Shared WordPress

Pricing [ 1 Year Term ]

Shared WordPress Hosting:

Currently: $2.99 to $14.99 per month

Normally: $8.99 to $24.99 per month

Managed WordPress Hosting:

Currently: $11.99 to $36.98

Normally: $24.46 to $75.48

3. Hostinger

best wordpress hosting

best wordpress hosting

Next in our list of best WordPress hosting services is Hostinger.

Hostinger comes with a long history. Founded in 2004, it eventually became 000webhost in 2007. As a brand, it came together in 2011. Hostinger is one of the fastest hosting providers out there.

They focus especially on providing you with speed having loading times of as low as 8ms.

It has a separate WordPress website builder which can help you set up your WordPress website in a jiffy.

WordPress hosting plans: WordPress Starter, WordPress Premium, WordPress Business.

Uptime: 99.95%


  1. Unlimited Websites and Bandwidth
  2. Free SSL Certification And Domain
  3. 24/7 WordPress support with a dedicated team
  4. Enhanced security features
  5. 30 days money-back guarantee


  1. Average Uptime
  2. No Call Support

Pricing [ 1 Year Term ]

Currently: $2.15 to $14.95 Per Month

Normally: $11.95 to $58 Per Month

4. SiteGround

best wordpress hosting

best wordpress hosting

SiteGround is one of the most popular and recommended hostings for WordPress.

It has a remarkably optimized server promising that your site will not go down even after substantial incoming traffic and it is thus, one of the best WordPress hosting providers.

SIteGround has a vast network of over 800,000 domain names across the globe.

WordPress hosting plans: StartUp, GrowBig, GoGeek

Uptime: 99.99%


  1. Free SSL certification
  2. Free WordPress installation and migrator
  3. Unmetered Traffic
  4. WordPress auto-updates
  5. Free CDN
  6. Free Email
  7. Daily Backup
  8. Unlimited Database
  9. 30 days money-back guarantee


  1. Strict CPU limits
  2. Higher renewal fees
  3. Does not provide a free domain

Pricing [ 1 Year Term ]

Currently: $3.95 to $11.95 per month

Normally: $11.95 to $34.95 per month

5. ResellerClub

best wordpress hosting

best wordpress hosting

Resellerclub is one of the best WordPress hosting service providers in India. It features many benefits in WordPress hostings, such as plug-in support and automatic updates. ResellerClub also provides DDoS and malware attack protection. A dedicated WordPress suite which takes care of all your technical needs.

WordPress Lite: Starter, Performance, Business, Professional.

WordPress + Security: Standard, Business, Pro, Elite.

Uptime: 99.99%


  1. Automatic WordPress updates
  2. Optimized Database for WordPress
  3. Unlimited email accounts
  4. Jetpack plug-in pre-installed
  5. SiteLock Security (WordPress + Security)
  6. Flexible billing ranging from 1 month to 3 years.


  1. No money-back guarantee
  2. No SSL transfer

Pricing [ 1 Year Term ]

WordPress Lite

Currently: $3.19 to $5.99 per month

Normally: $3.99 to $7.49 per month

WordPress + Security

Currently: $7.59 to $24.39 Per Month

Normally: $9.49 to $30.49 Per Month

6. Bigrock

Bigrock is one of the leading providers in India. It has an individual WordPress customer support and provides a good value for money.

The server has antivirus and spam protection kits integration meaning your site is safe with them.

WordPress Basic: Starter lite, Performance lite, Business lite, Professional lite

WordPress Suite: Starter, Advanced, Business, Professional

Uptime: 99.99%


  1. Auto-update system for updating WordPress plug-ins
  2. Jetpack plug-in
  3. Flexible billing ranging from 1 month to 3 years.


  1. SiteLock and CodeGuard only for WordPress Suite
  2. No SSL certification
  3. No cPanel

Pricing: [ 1 Year Term]

WordPress basic hosting:

Currently: ₹199 to ₹499 Per month

Normally: ₹299 to ₹599 Per month

WordPress suite hosting:

Currently: ₹599 to ₹2,199 Per month

Normally: ₹699 to ₹2,299 Per month

7. Milesweb

Milesweb is an Indian web-based hosting company. This service does not have their own servers. Instead, they use service from the best names in the business such as AWS. It means that they are trusted, and reliable servers and are very secure. They provide plug-ins to handle your WordPress.

Shared Hosting Plans: Ace, Heart, and Diamond

Managed Cloud Hosting Plans: WP1, WP2, WP3, WP4

Uptime: 99.95%


  1. Free SSL certification
  2. Pre-installed WordPress
  3. 30 Days money-back guarantee
  4. Free WordPress migration
  5. Automatic WordPress updates
  6. Preconfigured WordPress
  7. Free domain (Not for Ace Plan)
  8. Unlimited emails (Not for Ace Plan)
  9. Unlimited Bandwidth (Not for Ace Plan)


  1. Does not provide many facilities in Ace Plan

Pricing: [1 Year Term]

WordPress Shared hosting:

Currently: ₹100 to ₹504 Per month

Normally: ₹200 to ₹1260 Per month

WordPress Managed cloud hosting: ₹588 to ₹2940 per month

8. BlueHost

Bluehost offers one of the highly best WordPress hostings and highly recommended by bloggers and marketers around the globe. It is great for beginners and small to medium businesses because it is user friendly and provides ample features in great pricing. Bluehost currently hosts over 2 million websites globally and has been recommended by since 2005.

Hosting Plans: Basic, Plus and Choice Plus

Uptime: 99.99%


  1. Free domain for 1st year
  2. Free SSL certification
  3. Automatic WordPress installation and updates
  4. Unlimited traffic and bandwidth
  5. Unlimited disk space


  1. No option of a monthly billing
  2. Does not support site migration
  3. No customer assistance via email


Currently: $3.95 to $5.95 per month

Normally: $7.99 to $14.99 per month

9. Cloudways

This company comes from Malta, serving as an integration point for many cloud services. Cloudways boasts server locations all around the globe, meaning very low response times making it one of the best WordPress hosting providers. They are specialized in providing Managed WP hosting. What is unique about it is that Cloudways provides hourly and monthly plans.

Five Cloud Providers: Digital Ocean, Vultr, Google Compute Engine, Linode, Amazon Web Services.

Uptime: 100%


  1. One free site migration
  2. Built-In SSL Certification
  3. Two Factor Authentication
  4. No limit on how many WordPress sites you install
  5. No credit card details required for a three-day free trial.
  6. Pay-as-you-go plans let you monitor real-time consumption


  1. No Plesk Or cPanel ( They have Cloudways console instead)
  2. Requires a certain degree of expertise
  3. No Email Accounts or Domain Registrations


[Google cloud]

Monthly: $33.30 to $722.06

Hourly: $0.0463 to $1.0029

[Amazon Web Services]

Monthly: $36.51 to $703.18

Hourly: $0.0507 to $0.9794


Monthly: $11 to $225

Hourly: $0.0153 to $0.3125


Monthly: $12 to $250

Hourly: $0.0167 to $0.3472

[Digital Ocean]

Monthly: $10 to $230

Hourly: $0.0139 to $0.3194




Load speed(m/s)

BlueHost 99.99% 390
GoDaddy 99.99% 554
A2 Hosting 99.93% 295
Hostinger 99.93% 339
SiteGround 99.98% 629
BigRock 99.99% 758
Milesweb 99.89% 548
Cloudways 100% 498
Resellerclub 99.99% 490

My recommendation for best WordPress hosting would be Cloudways, BlueHost, A2 Hosting, and Hostinger as they come up to be the best from the list. They provide decent uptimes, fast loading speeds, and great customer supports. Apart from that, their paid plans are also cheap, and they have great introductory prices.


Deciding the best WordPress hosting is not always straightforward. Some hostings focus more on security, while others focus on speed. Choosing a site thus depends upon many factors.

Whatever your requirement would be, make sure you choose a hosting with an uptime of more than 99% and loading times of not more than 700 ms.

You would also be at the intersection of choosing between Shared WP hosting and Managed WP hosting plans.

Generally, Shared ones are cheaper as the server you are hosting from is also shared with others. Some providers give certain perks with them such as WordPress installer and plugins etc.

Managed ones also have similar perks. In addition to that, they also have better speed and security as we alone are in charge of the server.

If your site does not have high traffic loads and sensitive data, then Shared WP hosting is better. However, if you are in the other case, then always go for Managed WP hosting.

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