convert gif to png

convert gif to png

Generally, we use GIFs everywhere. From our WhatsApp chats to Insta stories, we use them everywhere. Cat GIFs are like the staple of the Internet now. However, as with all the right things, GIFs also have limitations. Also, most of the sites use HTML5 nowadays, having better formats like WebM. Generally, GIFs share their set of advantages and disadvantages over PNGs. Using one of them depends upon our need. In this article, we are listing the top 11 tools to convert GIF to PNG.

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What is a GIF?

convert gif to png

convert gif to png

GIF or graphical Interchange format is a type of image type that eventually expanded and changed our imagination in terms of images online.

It changed the way we look at images online.

Its widespread popularity and acceptance between different websites and applications make it used all over the World Wide Web.

The format supports 8-bit transparency and an 8-bit colour palette per pixel.


GIFs hone many advantages over any image format. Some of them are listed below.

  • Small File Size

GIFs have a minimal file size in comparison with other image formats which makes it easier to choose over videos.

  • A picture speaks a thousand words, videos describe lacs

A picture can describe only a particular scene. However, a gif can display multiple frames in that single image.

  • Transparent Backgrounds

You can use GIFs over transparent backgrounds. It makes the website look beautiful. Better than having images over a weird background colour.


Though few or less GIF does have some disadvantages.

  • Limited colour palette

GIF has a minimal colour palette making it less usable. They are also a tad less crisp when compared to a jpg or png.

  • Uneditable

Unlike other image formats which are post editable, you cannot modify GIFs once made.

  • Internet connection matters

GIF does take more loading time than other single frame image formats. Hence it depends upon your internet connection that they will load properly or not.

What Is PNG?

convert gif to png

convert gif to png

Portable Network Graphics (PNG) is a replacement for Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) which is much more improved and is non-patented. It is a raster graphics file format and supports lossless data compression.

It supports palette-based as well as grayscale images. PNG supports full-colour transparent images.

In January 1995, there was a discussion thread over possible replacements for GIF. The points there eventually made way into PNG

Although GIF support animations, PNG were deemed as a single file format.

The year 1996 marked the development of PNG with 2003 seeing it as an international standard.


The following advantages of PNG over GIF made companies like Apple employ them in their applications.

  • Better colours

PNG has support for 24-bit colours and transparency, whereas GIF supports only 8-bit colour and clarity.

  • Smoother animations

These also look smooth and more colour accurate when used as a transparent one.

  • Smaller in size

PNG also enjoys the speciality of being small in size and hence takes less time compared to GIFs.

  • Suitable for artists

The 24-bit colour palette makes it a better choice for artists.


PNG had many disadvantages over any traditional image format, including GIFs and MNGs.

  • Not suitable for large files

Sometimes when the data in the image is extensive, PNG tend to grow very large

  • Sometimes gets mixed with its cousin Animated PNG.

Applications sometimes are not able to differentiate between these both formats. An application can take Animated PNG as PNG and may stop receiving the image at the first frame only and discard the remaining additional frames present in the Animated PNG.

We have rounded up the top 11 GIF to PNG converters.

Top 11 tools to convert GIF to PNG

1. EzGIF

convert gif to png

convert gif to png

EzGif is an online tool that effortlessly converts your images.

With ezGif, you can create, resize, crop, reverse, optimize, and also apply effects to GIFs.

You can easily convert GIF to PNG with ezGIF.

Just upload the GIF you want to convert to PNG or paste the URL of that file and hit upload. The maximum file size that can be uploaded is 35 MB.

The page redirects with multiple options which you can choose from, depending on your need.

It also mentions file size, width, height, and frames of both; the uploaded Gif and the output APNG.

EzGif also allows you to convert your Gif to other formats such as video, WebP, MOV, MNG, FLIP, and sprite.

2. Image.Online-Convert

convert gif to png

convert gif to png

Online Convert, as the name suggests, is a tool that converts media files online.

It supports a vast range of different source formats. You can use Online-Convert to convert GIF to PNG.

It gives you multiple choices to pick your files from.

You can directly choose files, enter the URL, or pick up a file from your Dropbox or Google drive.

It also provides many optional settings, a variety of options like quality settings, colour, and DPI.

You can also change the size and enhance it according to your need.

The option of cropping pixels is also available.

One feature that makes Online Convert different from other converters is that you can save your settings.

You need to login to activate this feature.

Once the conversion is complete, you can cloud upload or download the converted files.

3. Online PNG Tools

convert gif to png

convert gif to png

One more effective tool to convert GIF to PNG is the Online PNG tool.

This is a simple yet effective tool to use.

Simply import the GIF in the editor on the left and get a PNG frame on the right.

It provides GIF extraction options.

You can extract the frame you want and convert it into PNG.

Online PNG Tools also let you play GIF frame by frame with its “Animate GIF Frames” option.

You can also adjust the animation speed in milliseconds.

4. Online Convert Free

convert gif to png

convert gif to png

Online Convert Free is another website where you can convert GIF to PNG.

You can choose a file or drag and drop it into the box and convert GIF to PNG in just one go. You can resize, compress, crop, flip, merge and rotate jpegs and GIFs.

Once the file gets converted, you can download it for further use. They also have a monthly and an annual pricing scheme which you can purchase and unlock features according to your requirements

5. Cloud Convert

easy gif to png

easy gif to png

Starting in 2012, Cloud convert is a product that can be used by both end-users and corporate customers. Built by Luna web GmbH, it is a startup located in Munich, Germany.

Cloud convert offers multiple options to choose your files from to convert GIF to PNG.

You can select your files from your computer, the URL of the file, or Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive.

It lets you select the output width and height in pixels according to your requirement. You can also set the mode of resizing the image.

Adjusting the Zlib compression level and removing metadata is a child’s play with Cloud Convert.

Once the file converts, you can download it to use. Just like Online Convert Free, Cloud Convert has its pricing scheme.

You can select packages and schemes depending upon your need.

6. Soda PDF

can you convert gif to png

can you convert gif to png

Soda PDF helps you convert GIF to PNG. You can drop files you want to convert, or you can select them from your device, Google Drive, or Dropbox.

Once the file gets converted, you can view and download the file in the browser, or you can get the file via email. It does not provide many options to have an output according to your requirements.

Soda PDF has its yearly and monthly pricing plans.

7. Free Online Converter

how to convert gif to png

how to convert gif to png

Free Online Converter provides high-quality file conversion services for free.

Just upload a file or create a URL of the file you want to convert.

The maximum file size you can upload is 200 MB.

After file conversion, you can download it.

Once the file gets converted, you can delete it manually from servers, or it automatically gets deleted in 24 hours.

You can download the converted file ten times in 24 hours before it is invalid.

You can also send it to your mobile by scanning the QR code, which makes it different from other sites that convert GIF to PNG.

However, there are three major shortcomings of Online Converter.

Firstly, unlike other sites, Online Converter does not provide many options for your final output. Resizing the image is the only option you get. Secondly, there are many service limitations concerning maximum input and output file size and maximum execution time cited on their about page. Thirdly, many files convert in multiple steps which increases the required time to convert files.

8. Zamzar

gif to png converter

gif to png converter

Zamzar is a company registered in England, which provides high-quality file conversions in as many as possible formats. In order to convert GIF to PNG, all you need to do is upload a GIF or select a link you want to convert, select “PNG” from the drop-down list and hit “Convert Now”.

The file gets converted in a matter of seconds, and you can download it for further use.

You can also get your converted file mailed.

The converted file stays on Zamzar servers for 24 hours.

9. My Geodata Converter

convert gif to png online

convert gif to png tool

It is an easy to use tool to convert GIF to PNG. Drag and drop files or add the file you want to convert. You can also upload a file in the Geodata drive and use it to convert GIF to PNG.

After conversion, you can download it.

It also mentions the number of files converted and the total size of the files.

You can also hit the “Modify The Conversion” button to adjust it according to your need or just click the “Another Conversion” button and go on with file conversions.

There are conversion limits in the free plan to avoid server load.

You can check their basic, standard, and premium plans and purchase depending upon your need.

10. Convertio

If you want to convert GIF to PNG, Convertio is one of the reliable options you can go for.

Choose files you want to convert from your PC, Dropbox or Google drive.

You can also add the website or file by URL.

With the “Add More Files” option, you can convert multiple files in one go.

Once it is done, download your PNG file.

Files on Convertio are in storage for up to 24 hours. You can manually delete these files.

Without signing up for Convertio, the maximum file size of upload is 100 MB.

You can sign up by purchasing one of their plans, depending on your need.

11. GroupDocs

Another site you can use to convert GIF to PNG is GroupDocs.

GroupDocs is entirely free and can convert 50 types of images and documents.

Upload a GIF file or drag and drop it and convert it. You can download the file or send the download link to email. It is fast, easy and has a superior conversion quality.

Wrapping It Up

Jumping between formats and thinking what is best is totally up to your work and use. Each of these sites has its respective pros as well as cons. Some may provide better speed; others may offer better privacy. Some might be a tad easier to use when compared to others.

Does choosing which one of them is the better one and what is easier to use depends on factors such as-

What is your precision requirement?

Some sites are good, but they do come with a cost, the cost of quality. They do reduce quality, so if you want the right quality image, you would have to choose some different sites.

How many images do you want to get done?

Sometimes, the sites are free, but they have a limit of images you can do for a day before they start to take charges from you. In that case, choose the site carefully, keeping this point of the amount in your mind.

Can you push for premium services or not?

Some sites are exceptional in every aspect, from quality to speed. However, they come with a cost. So if you want everything and still have the bandwidth to pay a few bucks extra for getting that premium treatment.

These factors comprise the thinking you should have while thinking from what site to choose between all of them as well as others you may encounter. These factors, as a whole, can make your work easy and less annoying.

These conversions can look hectic for starters, but once you get the hang of it, they will be as easy as cutting butter.