In Google search results, ranking matters a lot. Google rank checker tools make it quick, accurate, and easy to check Google rank of a website.

Keep reading to find out our list of top 11 Google rank checker tools.

However, before that, let us know more about Google rank checking.

What is Google Rank Checker?

When a user enters a search query, Google’s first plan of action is to return results that are high-quality and relevant. It should suit the user requirement from the particular search query. Google takes more than 200+ factors in consideration for this Ranking. The tool used to track the ranking of a website on Google is called Google Rank Checker. This tool helps you to determine the position of your website on Google.

What does Google Rank mean?

Google Rank is the method opted by Google to optimize your search results and hand you to the best result. Google Rank is like an algorithm that checks the websites and gives them the authority to come above or below any other website.

What is Google’s plan of action to check Google Rank?

Google has 200+ factors when it finds Google Rank for a website. The main factors that come in this calculation are underlying. Some of them are pretty useless or pretty much insignificant, but some are very much significant to the rank.

Google checks the factors, and the aggregate score in these factors to determine the Google Rank.

A few of them are mentioned below.

  • Domain Age

Though not that dominant, an older domain has more Google Rank than a relatively new one.

  • Appearance of Keyword

Keywords play a vital role in Google Rank. Keywords should appear once in Title 2-3 times in the content and once in the H1 of the material.

  • Content-Length

The content length of around 2000 words is the most suitable for the website. Measures below that lead to a poor Google Rank score.

  • Page Loading Speed

A page should load fast as well as efficiently in order to score well in Google Rank. Page optimization is a must for speed.

  • Accuracy to the search result query

The content title and tags should match with what the search result might be to get better visibility and score better for Google Rank.

  • Mobile site factors

The majority of the internet using devices nowadays are mobiles.

It is a must to watch out for our site’s loading speed on a mobile device. Pages with better mobile loading speeds are better in Google Rank.

  • Multimedia

Pages with images are fascinating, and hence users tend to stick by them. This automatically translates to having a better Google Rank.

  • PageRank

PageRank is one of the most significant factors when it comes to Google Rank.

How can you check your Google Rank?

Even though Google made the Google Rank private to themselves now and APIs cannot check it too, we still have some ways to check out the Google Rank.

The following sites which will come further in this article will tell you all the details for checking the page details and the Google Rank.

At the end of the topic, we will decide what site is best for you. These come from the effects of the various factors which we will discuss in the end. There are many digital marketing tools on the web to help you track your keywords position on Google. Let’s check a few of them that I have tried using.

Here are the 11 best Google Rank Checker tools for 2020

1. SEMrush

SEMrush Position Tracking is a Google rank checker tool that helps users in creating blogging strategies.

It offers your business several additional tools like Google position checker, competitor analysis, analyzing backlinks, monitoring logarithm updates, and a lot more.

Beyond SEO, SEMrush offers toolkits for paid advertising, social media, etc.

It proves as a savior for many small, medium scale businesses and e-commerce sites to understand SEO strategies of competitors.

You can access all information via the SEMrush dashboard, which makes results easy to consume.

Just click on different tabs and view each data point one by one. A couple of cons of SEMrush is, it can be a bit difficult to use for amateurs.

It is also costly as compared to other Google rank checker tools. This is because of its wide range of features and capabilities.

2. Ahrefs

Ahrefs SERP Checker is one of the fastest and accurate Google rank checker. It is known to be the second-fastest web crawler after Google.

It crawls across your website, amid tons of data, and helps boost your website’s search engine ranking. When it comes to rank checking, Ahrefs is known to have one of the best user interfaces.

You can audit your website or discover new keywords or even target competitor links. Overall, Ahrefs is a great tool to plan your SEO strategies. You can export all data to a .csv file, making it easy to assess all your data.

Just add your keyword, and in one click, you can start monitoring the performance of your websites and keywords. Ahrefs provides you information regarding backlinks and URL ratings. It gives tips and suggestions regarding website improvement.

3. WooRank

WooRank keyword tool that functions like a Google rank checker that gives important SEO related information about your website.

It is an automatic website review tool that helps you improve site traffic, increase leads and sales, and analyze your website’s elementary SEO criterion.

From the length of the title tag to device and speed optimization, it keeps you covered. WooRank is also available as a chrome extension for your website.

It is a great tool when it comes to competitor analysis. It shows information about what technology your competitor is using and estimates its traffic in just a couple of clicks.

WooRank also shows your competitor sites’ social media such as Facebook and Twitter. The best part about WooRank is that it helps you fix errors and issues with your site.

May it be security issues or content duplication, WooRank helps you work on all of them.

4. The Hoth

The Hoth Google SEO Ranking Checker is a Google rank checker that has a different approach than others.

Instead of checking rank on specific keywords per domain, The Hoth gives away a list of top 50 traffic-driving keywords related to your primary keyword for your domain.

Though The Hoth looks a bit outdated because of its primary interface, if you are looking for a fresh approach to keyword checking, The Hoth can prove your best bet.

It is an entirely free tool. Just Sign Up with your details and get all information regarding overall site traffic and a lot more.

It will also give cost per click in some cases if you want to create a campaign with the target keyword.

5. Site Checker

Sitechecker Keyword Rank Checker is a SaaS tool that works as a website position checker on Google. SiteCheker is an audit tool that helps webmasters to measure parameters and identify main technical errors. The tool provides a range of features, including keyword rank checker, on-page SEO audit, website SEO monitoring, and website SEO audit. The tool also includes a plugin for Chrome.

The tools that target website search engine optimization and audit are a part of the suite of tools offered by Sitechecker. The users can perform:

  • Website Health Check
  • Website Rank Check
  • Free backlink check
  • On-Page SEO Check
  • Website Traffic Check
  • Keyword Rank Check

It can also check for errors in the meta title, meta-description, tags, page size, load speed, and images.

The site checker pro gives an SEO score with a list of recommendations and technical errors.

You can get access to all the internal and external links tied to the website with the scan option.

6. Serprobot

Serprobot, as the name suggests, is used to determine the positions on the Google search results page (SERPs). It tells your position on Google. It offers a considerable amount of queries and features.

The top features of Serprobot are as following-

  • Google Rank checker
  • Multi-keyword support
  • Organic SERP checker
  • Contextual Serp checker
  • Paid SERP checker
  • Real-time results

You can check rankings on the right side of the page.

Organic SERP rankings are affected by the number of searches, keywords, original body content, etc.

Paid SERP are paid clicks. Site owners who are willing to pay more get more clicks.

The context provided by keywords that come in multiple forms like maps for local search, hotel reviews for booking queries makes up for Contextual h SERP Ranking.

7. Search Engine Genie

Search Engine Genie Google Position Checker tool might be the most simple of all the Google rank checker tools.

You can search for a general keyword and the keyword competition, and it would rate keyword difficulty from 50 keywords too.

All this tool asks you to do is provide your site URL, keyword, region, and a captcha to verify that you are human. After this, it polls Google to look for the keyword you provided and tells your position.

Though it does lack a bulk option and no advanced comparison features like other sites, it is the most straightforward tool available to us.

8. SERanking

SERanking Google Rank Checker tool is designed to monitor SERP daily for any location, language, and device. It is a cloud-based platform for SEO and professionals working in the Online marketing field.

SERanking provides a complete set of tools for a complete site audit.

It also provides competitor analysis, google ranking position, keyword suggestion and grouping, backlink monitoring, and much more.

It also includes additional features such as white label and marketing plan.

The best feature about SE ranking is that it lets you monitor up to 5 of your competitors. You can check your keyword position in comparison to theirs. The tool can automatically detect your top 10 competitors too.

9. AccuRanker

If you don’t mind shelling a few bucks, then AccuRanker SERP Checker might be the best for you. It is lightning fast and accurate keyword rank checker but a paid one.

It retrieves rankings for pages and keywords and stores them for easy comparison.

You can also check the position of keywords, live on-demand.

It retrieves and checks the page rankings and keywords and stores them for easy comparison.

This site also provides the feature of checking the position live. It also provides insights into your project. You can also check your keyword for the target country only

This site is available on both mobile as well as desktop devices.

Out of all the sites mentioned, this might be the best and most intuitive interface.

Moreover, this site provides a ranking for Google as well as Bing and Yandex.

10. SmallSEO Tools

SmallSEO tools are known as all in one tool. If you want to target the desired audience, SmallSEO is a must for you. It offers tools for freelance writers, web developers, SEO professionals, and website owners. SmallSEO tools offer many different tools for the optimization of web pages and maintaining high-quality SEO.

Against billions of other content, it cross-references your text.

You can get many premium SEO tools for free here, including grammar check, plagiarism checker, article rewriter, keyword suggestion tool, and paraphrasing tool.

It’s not just a keyword rank checker, it’s a complete set of convenient SEO tools. For easy access, all tools are on the right side of their site, like a dashboard of keyword ranking software.

Its keyword rank checker is quite the same as SERP’s- you have to provide a URL, select a search engine, and ten keywords at a time. Bracketed in groups of 10 to 40, you can choose the range of pages you want to check.

There is a slight scope of improvement by comparing your results to your competitors.

11. Moz Pro Rank Tracker

Moz Pro Rank Tracker helps its users compute search ranking reports with a straightforward and user-friendly interface. It supplies you precise rankings, backlink analysis, and keyword data. You can also set up rank tracking and check them from a specific location of your choice. Moz Pro helps you with competitive analysis as well, which helps you find opportunities to improve.

To track rank on Moz Pro:

1. Click on “Rank Checker” in the “Moz Pro” dropdown list.

2. Enter the URL, focus keyword, search engine, and country you want to search ranking for.

3. Click on “Search”

In just a click, it shows you the rank, volume, and difficulty level of ranking on that particular keyword.

The downside of the Moz Pro Rank Tracker is that it allows you to track only a limited number of keywords.

Which site should you use to check your website’s rank on Google?

This depends upon what work you have and how much money you can shell out. Some sites listed here are free, while some require a subscription.

If you are working on a tight budget and need to perform a limited set of tasks, it is best to use the free version. Go for the paid version only when you need all features of the tool.

Also, it is best to check your requirements. Some sites are elementary and do not provide much, while some are definitely for all professional work.

What can you do to improve your Google rankings?

Before diving into this topic, I would start by saying just a phrase –” money cannot buy Google Google Rank.”There are many ways to improve your score, but none of them includes money.

The best methods to improve your rank are –

  • Improve your website’s user experience

A website with good user experience, interactive design, and enjoyable navigation is ranked better. This is because it improves website visits, bounce rate, and visit time.

  • Write content optimized for SEO

Better optimized content often makes your website more visible and increases visitors. This, in turn, means a better Google Rank score. This also seems clear to the users, making them stick more.

  • Getting more backlinks

Getting more backlinks to your website from other sites holds the highest weightage when calculating the Google Rank score. Incoming links to your website from better websites show a positive image of your website. Always use white hat SEO techniques to build links.

  • Check for broken links.

Links bring traffic to your website. However, links showing a 404 error can hurt both your and the user’s experience. So check for broken links. More the number of broken links, lesser will be your Google Rank.

  • Use high-quality images

Images speak a thousand words. Using good quality images on your site makes the user interact with your website with interest making your rank better.

  • Use of H1 and H2 header tags

Headers make your content readable and, at the same time, more understandable for both humans and search engines. Google Rank directly upon the body of your content and headers improve them.

  • Optimize for voice search

According to research, voice search is used by the majority of people for searching something over the internet. Hence optimizing your content to make it accessible to voice searches makes it more visible to the general audience.

  • Optimize for localized searches

People mostly rely on “near me” searches these days. Hence boosting your content according to locals and having reviews on your website from the neighborhood makes it better searchable for the locals.

  • Aim for the first position

Google generally puts the snippet of the best suitable result on the top of the search results page, and 90% of users tend to visit those sites. Hence optimizing your content to be on top is one of the final steps to improve your Google Rank.

  • Improve loading speeds in mobile devices

Google began considering mobile device loading speeds as a factor to check a Google Rank. So consider factors that help in improving mobile loading speeds and optimize content for mobile devices too.

Using our list of tools and guidelines will make it quick and easy for you to figure out which tool will work best for you.