Many marketers don’t even know the List of Google tools available to help produce the best of their marketing.

But, can you imagine that Google receives about 70,000 search queries every second? 

That’s massive! And more surprisingly, there is that much content that meets out all those searches.

That is how the world has manifested its online presence. Almost everything has come online now. Because the world is getting more and more competitive every day to grab people’s attention in this noisy world

And, more than 4.4 million blogs are posted every single day. As a result, companies are spending huge money to put out content that grabs the attention of the audience among all this noise

As a marketer, it is might feel quite tough to beat your competition and grow your business through online marketing

Fortunately, this list of google tools will help you grow your business and beat your competitors

Google Tools?

Well, Google tools are simply tools designed by Google for regulating and easing various functions like Communication, Marketing, Development, etc

Where can I find these tools?

You can simply find this list of google tools from

Also, find many of these tools available for download on Mobile phone

Here is a Complete List of Google Tools necessary for Online Marketers

1. Google Analytics

This is a must-have tool for every online marketer.

One of the most powerful and effective tools provided by Google.

And it’s free.

Google Analytics analyzes your website and gives you valuable reports on your website’s traffic.

It enables you to

  • Track Real-time visitor’s behavior,
  • Know the Browsers and Operating systems used by your audience
  • User’s Social engagement,
  • The location of your audience
  • Track Website activity behavior,
  • Find out which visitors convert into leads.

If you don’t have this tool then you are missing out a lot there

Therefore, never miss an effective and beneficial tool like Google Analytics for your online marketing that enables you to track all the activities of your website’s traffic.

2. Google Adsense

An important tool for all those wishing to generate money through ads.

You can use Google Adsense to place ads on your website.

If you have a great blog or website that provides quality content and is driving enough traffic then you can monetize it using Google Adsense. And, if you have a lot of traffic coming to your website, you have higher chances of earning through ads

3. Google Search Console

Firstly, most of the marketers miss out on using this powerful tool by Google. Sometimes, you may find that despite many marketing strategies, websites do not generate traffic

But, what if Google tells you the reason behind it.

Google Search Console audits your website’s overall performance. And it helps you point out the weak areas of your website that help your website perform well on Google search results. And, if there is an issue or glitch that occurs on your website then it will notify you about the same

Because if you don’t fix these areas even if you have quality content put, it is never going to rank in the search results

Thus, this is a powerful tool that every marketer should never miss out.

4. Google Keyword Planner

You may have a good user-friendly website, attractive designs, and engaging content out there.

But, if you don’t have your content with the right keyword which your audience is searching for, then it is not going to bring people to your website

So, it is important to select the right keyword that brings traffic and ultimately leads to sales.

And if you chip in the wrong keyword then your content will not perform well on the search results.

Google Keyword Planner provides you with those accurate keywords ideas which have high search traffic and perform well on the search results. And it shows you which keywords have high competition and cost per click for that particular keyword

If the cost per click for a particular keyword is high then that keyword is generating sales and traffic

5. Google MyBusiness

Type in service or place you need on Google and it will help you connect nearby places of the service or product you searched for.

Get your business registered on Google MyBusiness to spread your business all over your target audience.

And also, it allows the audience to review your business which helps you know more about your business’ performance and impression.

This is a very effective tool that helps to reach your target audience and expand business opportunities

6. Google Trends

We never know what trends at what particular time. The most unexpected things start trending at the most unexpected time.

And every now and then there is something that keeps trending all the while around the world

Therefore, as a marketer, you have to keep track of what’s happening around you and what is being talked the most

Google trends help you know this. This tool enables you to know the most talked and trending topic at any particular location

So, add this tool to your marketing tool list

7. Google Docs

With this Google Docs, you can share, collaborate, and link, your, and presentations with multiple users. You may create forms and send them as links to your audience to survey their opinions

8. Google Drive

As an online marketer, it is necessary to have access to your files all the while.

Using Google Drive Cloud System, you can store files, documents, photos, videos, etc and have access to them anywhere. You can even have access to your files on your mobile phone

Also, you can buy up to 1 TB of Cloud Storage

So, don’t miss out on this super useful tool!

9. Google Alerts

Being a marketer, you should never miss out on any important reviews, and updates pertaining to your business

Google Alerts will monitor the web for the news, important updates, business mentions, .related to your business and notifies you via email

For instance, if anyone mentions your business online or posts any negative about your business, Google Alerts will directly send a notification to your email

This is an effective way to track and improve your online reputation.

In other words, it keeps you alerted

And with this much benefit, it is a must to have this tool in your deck

10. Google Calendar

You might know this very well. You might wonder what it has to do with marketing.

Well, it does.

Using Google Calendar, you can set deadlines, and important meetings and send them to your team. You can schedule your day and set reminders and alarms for tasks

So, with this helpful tool, you can organize your marketing plans and schedules and share it with your team

11. Google Blogger

Google Blogger is a free blogging platform that enables you to create a free domain name hosted of your choice. You can publish, promote your content, and get them connected to Google AdSense to bring ads to your blog.

And if you want to start a blog but can’t afford a self-hosted platform to publish your content. Then, this tool is for you

12. Google PageSpeed Insight

It is very necessary to keep your site speed at check.

Because if your site speed is low then you will be losing traffic that is driving to your site

Google PageSpeed Insights audits your web page speed performance on the search engine and gives suggestions to improve it.

It tells you how much time your webpage takes to load.

It gives you valuable insights to fix the weak areas of your webpages to reduce the time taken by the webpage to load

Also, it tells the time taken to load web pages on Mobile devices.

13. Google Rich Results Testing Tool

This tool analyses your website and rates your website’s ability to rank on search results.

And it tells you which web pages need to be fixed to be eligible for Google’s ranking parameters.

Type in your website URL on the Rich Results Testing Tool and it will tell you if your webpages are eligible for rich results or need to be fixed.

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Those are the List of Google tools that every marketer needs for executing effective online marketing.

Every tool has its own advantage and function. And every tool is unique and effective in its own way. But if you squeeze the best out of this list of google tools you can definitely build your competition. 

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Though the competition is high, there is always some opportunity to beat the odds!