Square Online Store

Square Online Store

Ever since the internet has been born, it is constantly developing to make our work easier. Those were the days when websites were not easy to own. You have to code down the entire website and hiring a developer would cost huge. Have a Brick and Mortar Store? Start selling online using the Square Online Store.

But now you can easily build your website and even start your commerce business online

Among all those online eCommerce website builders, Square has been booming out with its flying colors.

Let’s jump into the article

What is Square Online Store?

Square is an online eCommerce platform to create and build your own eCommerce website. Square Online Store provides you with various features and in-built softwares to curate for you a very affordable and easy-to-use eCommerce management.

And it allows you to list products, customize colors, customize rates, etc

Let’s take a thorough analysis of Square’s website features:

Is Square Website Builder Easy To Use?

Yes. It is super-easy to use. You do not need any prior coding or technical knowledge for building a website. This website builder will help you create and manage everything easily. It eases your product and design management system.

Even if you drift off in case, the square help section has over 180 articles answering each query and frequently asked questions by the users.

Pros and Cons

Square Online Store: Pros Square Online Store: Cons
Easy Product Management system and CRM   1 You get limited payment options
Affordable and reasonable price   2 Limited scope for customization
Easy to use. No prior technical knowledge required   3 Not for high-volume businesses
Can get started with a Free Plan   4 Limited instruction in the beginning

Square Online Store Review: Product Management

Square has provided a very excellent product management system.

And categorizing your products is super-easy using Square.

You might have come across this feature in eCommerce websites where you can customize your order like changing colors, adding variations, options for gift packing, etc. You can add this feature too.

Also, you can add and organize your own category lists for your products.

And with the Square’s POS (Point of Sale) applications, you can manage your product sales and view reports

Square eases your work of keeping a track of your product inventory (storage). Square manages your inventory by notifying your inventory levels. You need not run out of products without knowledge. This acts as your own inventory manager updating and classifying your products in the order.

You just need to enter your inventory details and that’s it. Square will take care of the rest

Let’s take an example

Let’s say you have zero products in your inventory. Your inventory will keep adjusting according to the numbers you enter in your inventory.

Square Online Store Review: Pricing

So How much does a square online store cost?

Square’s eCommerce Website Builder provides four plans:

Free Plan

This is one of the biggest advantages of Square. It provides you with a free plan to discover and build your own website with limited yet good features. These are the specifications of the free plan

  • You can sell unlimited products
  • You get your online shopping cart
  • Your product inventory gets automatically synced with the Square POS (Point of Sale)
  • You can integrate your square website with Instagram and Pinterest
  • You do not get a custom domain. Your website domain ends with Square branding (Like this – www.forexample.square.site.com)
  • Also, payments can be only made through Square.

Professional Plan ($12 per month)

Addition to the free plan,

  • You get a free domain for 1 year
  • Also, your website will be ad-free
  • And a Customized domain

Performance Plan ($26 per month)

Addition to the professional features,

  • You get access to abandoned carts allowing you to recover back lost sales
  • Your website allows reviews and comments from the customers
  • Also, you get to print shipping labels

Premium Plan ($72 per month)

Addition to the performance plan,

  • You get the highest discount on Shipping rates
  • And reduced transaction fees
  • Also reduced Processing rates

Square Online Store Review: UI/Design Flexibility

You can make a professional business looking website using Square’s website builder

Website Logo

With Square, you can add your own logo design to your website. You can also customize fonts and colors of your choice. You can add your own customized logo to your header with ease.

Website Fonts

The fonts offered by Square are limited. But must say, these limited ones make your website into a proper eCommerce website. Also, you can customize your font into a modern or classical look.

Website Colors

Square online store

Square scores well in colors too. You get a set of various colors and their variations arrayed in your palette. It will enable you to choose the main color and an accent color for your website.

After choosing your website’s main color and accent color, you will be provided with a set of complementary colors with it which matches the colors you have selected. These complementary colors will accompany you on various sections of your website. Using these suggested complementary colors will make your website more business and appealing.

Square has kept the essence of businesses in mind, attributing the website designs. The website designs provide plenty of white spaces, making the content simple and visible to the user and customers. But in regard to the creative bloggers and other business websites, you might not find any creative or distinctive design templates.

The user interface design templates provided by Square are quite limited. Though it provides professionally designed templates, which is minimal, probably making it more commercial.

So Square scores well in terms of designs and user interface customization.

Square Online Store Review: Shipping and Fulfilment

Here is the part most of the users struggle to get it right.

Square gets you to explore a lot of options to choose and fit in your shipping services.

You can charge your customers based on many factors. For example, if you are selling a product huge in weight and size then it might require you to charge an extra rate for that product.

So you need to select the appropriate shipping rate for your product

Rate type Description
Free Shipping You can set free shipping up to a certain limit
Flat rate The same and equal charge for all types of customers regardless of their location, product size, weight, etc
Order weight You can set this to make the shipping rates adapt according to the weight of the product
Value rate Your shipping rate will accord to the value of the product.
Item Quantity More the number of goods then more will be the shipping rate

Real-time Shipping Calculator: This feature comes with the premium plan. This feature calculates shipping rates in real-time based on the live reports, ongoing rates, and location.

ProTip: Many of the users are unsure which rate should they be opting for. If you keep a higher shipping rate, then it would burn off some customers.

We suggest you balance your shipping charges between your product price and shipping cost

(For example, Original product cost – Rs.2500. Shipping cost -Rs.100. Total – Rs.2600. You can balance it between like this – Original Product cost – Rs.2560. Shipping cost – Rs.40) This would make your product rate more appealing.

Taxing System

Once you are done with the shipping part, you will now have to manage the tax attributions. If you are from the US or Canada, then your tax will be calculated automatically. That’s a relief for them.

But if you’re from a country other than these, then you take that extra effort of putting the own tax value.

Note: You can add taxes to your assumptions. But it is suggested that you consult a tax expert based on your location.

How Good is Square’s Customer Support Services?

Before you want to ask Square any question, it has already answered most of them. You can visit https://squareup.com/help/us/en and they have quite covered all frequently asked questions.

Square help and support

If you’re facing any glitch of inconvenience with the website or your purchase, you may contact the customer care via email, call, or live chat.

Square’s customer response and service are remarkable. In terms of live chats, they respond within minutes and guide you with your issue.

COVID-19 Support

Also, Square has been providing support to all website users in the coronavirus pandemic. The online ordering page automatically integrates with all Square POS apps, Order Manager, and Customer Directory.

Also, delivery fees are waived through June 30, 2020, and curbside pickup is free.

And Square has shelled out additional product features for this pandemic such as a contactless card signature system, etc

And if you’re selling a single product, you may also create a shareable purchase link and attach them to your blogs. Customers can purchase your products using these links.

Updated news: Square launches on-demand delivery for restaurants and online merchants

How is Square different from other eCommerce website builders?

Square vs Shopify

Let’s make this clear

Square is suitable for new businesses and small-scale merchants. Square is more of a payment processor. While Shopify is great for large-scale businesses and whole merchants. And Shopify is more of a shopping cart software.

Pricing and Features

Square’s lucrative and professional contribution towards eCommerce has bought it to compete against eCommerce giants like Shopify.

But the significant difference between both the eCommerce builder is the features provided by both of them at their prices.

Shopify’s basic package ($29/mo) features unlimited products, sales channels, manual order creation facility, discount codes, free SSL Certificate, Gift cards, etc.

On the other hand, Square provides you most of these services under a free plan.

Let’s look at the complete pricing comparison between these two

Shopify offers you with three plans: Basic Shopify ($29/mo), Shopify ($79/mo), and Advanced Shopify ($299/mo)

While Square provides you with four plans: Free Plan, Professional Plan ($12/mo), Performance Plan ($26/mo) and Premium Plan ($79)

Note: You can check out all the Square’s pricing characteristics earlier under the pricing section

Design/ UI

Also, talking in terms of the design and user interface, Shopify has a lot to offer than Square. Like we had said before, Square’s designs and the user interface are good but it is limited. It does not offer you with a variety of designs like Shopify has.

And the designs offered by Square are limited.  But the limited designs provide you with the designs suiting to your business

Order Management

Square: In terms of order management, square allows you to manage all your orders and products through dashboard but not on apps. And You may use integrations for expanding it

Shopify: Shopify allows you to manage all your orders through the dashboard and also through applications. Also, you can use integrations to extend your usage.

Square Online Store Review: Overview

Lastly, considering all the above features and limitations, we observe that Square is very much rewarding for its price. Also, it is a must to consider all the softwares provided by Square to make it an all-in-all eCommerce Business Package.

Description  Rating
Square’s Product Management 4.5/5
Square’s Design and UI 4.0/5
Square’s Shipping and Fulfillment 4.5/5
Square’s Pricing 4.3/5
Square’s Customer and Help Desk 4.2/5

On the whole, Square is great for small businesses and startups. It provides professional services for its price. Also, you can opt for a free plan and set up a website on your own. With the free plan, you can explore out more and understand how square works wonders.


Though we have mentioned it twice, we clarify that Square will be an ace for small-scale businesses and merchants.

Square has quite a lot to offer for less pay. If you’re getting started and want a platform to boom your business, then square is for you.

And yes, Square’s business softwares are not to be missed. Also, Square has also been providing constant support to its users during this pandemic.

Tip: And check out the 6 Best Business Management Software we have listed out for you.

PS: Also, you have a free plan which offers a lot. Explore the free plan to know how your eCommerce would look like on the internet. Fill up some basic business details and there you have your eCommerce website.