Imagine what you do in a situation where you have to submit your projects or some task assigned by your clients, and you are near your deadline? It is prevalent to hire online today. Your competitors are outsourcing almost everything to focus more on their primary business, because of the growing competition, reduced price, and culture of the lean principles. Today’s top freelancing sites ensure the client’s safety and allow freelancers to meet in a safe space.

To code your website, you don’t need a private coder or an individual graphic designer to design your logo.

Outsourcing is more cost-efficient than hiring.

You can give more attention to your primary business, and the outsourced people will do the rest.

Best skilled experts from all over the world will be accessible to you and work for you.

Everyone will be doing and focusing on what they do the best, and this will grow their in-house efficiency.

But the question arises – Which site to choose?

The choice of the site may depend upon many factors such as –

  • Location

It may seem that it is not very much important, but in the end, it is the most crucial factor to see.

Location can create language barriers. A Chinese guy may have problems communicating with a Brazilian client as they both have different first languages.

Also, some work may depend upon the mindset of the local people. Imagine if your company wants to make a folk song, then obviously a guy sitting over 200 km away won’t be able to make it suitable for the locals.

Hence location plays a significant role in helping us select whom to select.

These language and cultural barriers may cost you time as well as time, let alone the quality of work.

  • Cost

Cost is, of course, one of the main factors when considering hiring people for these types of jobs. The price is the first and foremost reason why you are coming to these sites to get your work done.

Sometimes your work does not require that much expertise or professionalism to hire more costly freelancers. In that case, we can save money and go for the lower costing ones.

Also sometimes you can be low on budget, and you may need to get work done in that budget only. In those cases, you may consider sites that are taking less money or the ones with bidding systems.

Also, ensure that pricing and times are predefined to prevent any surprises at the last moment.

  • Expertise Required

Sometimes you may need highly skilled individuals with no loose ends for the work you want. Or sometimes you may need only intermediate skilled workers for you.

For both cases, the site you choose may be different. Some websites provide cheap and medium or low skilled freelancers, whereas some provide industry trained people.

Expertise should be carefully decided based on the work you are doing and then carefully assessed.

Expertise also comes down on cost. More the knowledge more will be the pricing of the worker. Hence it’s an important factor and needs to be thought of carefully.

  • Communication

People sometimes misunderstand this as a thing related to the language barrier. Still, it is very much different from language barriers.

The employer must look for the response times and the responsible attitude of the freelancer. When hiring overseas, timezone also plays a vital role in communication. Without proper communication, you may or may not transcend the idea of work in your brain to the worker correctly. Hence, the work will not be as you wanted.

Hence, before hiring, one should make sure that proper communication is viable between the employer and the freelancer.

Here are 13 top freelancing sites to outsource all your work in 2020

1. Upwork

Upwork is one of the top freelancing sites connecting professionals and agencies to talent seeking individuals or businesses.

Formerly it was known as Elance-odesk.

Upwork boasts about twelve million registered freelancers and five million registered clients, thus making it one of the largest freelance marketplaces in the world.

Elance and oDesk announced their merger in December 2013.

It took 18 months for it to become Upwork.

Upwork allows clients to interview and hire freelancers and agencies through the company’s platform.

Upwork also supports real-time chats to make the conversations between the Freelancer/Agency and the hiring firms easy.

This platform also has timesheets where we can see the progress and verified proofs by the freelancer.

2. Fiverr

Fiverr is an online marketplace for freelance services.

It is a platform with over 14 Million users worldwide.

You can hire someone for editing your wedding photos to ghostwrite your science fiction work.

Prices here range from minimal to the expert level.

So you can get all sorts of ideas about what you need along with your wallet in check.

Starting in 2010 the site gained popularity fast.

Its user base spiked as customers saw more professionalism at a minimal cost, paving its way to become one of the top freelancing sites.

The idea behind it was why to do it yourself when you can hire somebody who can do it for you, better than you at minimal expenses.

3. SEOClerks

This site was not always a marketplace for talent and buyers.

It started as an SEO site. But it eventually expanded as a market to buy and a market to trade platform.

Users can ask for any work they want to get done. Users can also sell their skills by listing them on the website. It is the best place to outsource your white hat SEO business at an affordable price.

Started in 2011, the site was the only dedicated SEO marketplace on the web.

Along the way, Ionicware became the owner of SEOClerks, which eventually made this site what it is today.

2018 marked the company’s 4 millionth order marking a growth of 1 million orders in a year which made this site one of the top freelancing sites.

4. Freelancer

Freelancer is an Australian crowdsource website connecting potential employers to freelance work seeking individuals.

This site came into action in 2009 with headquarters in Sydney, Australia. It has many offices across the globe though.

In this site, the employer describes the work and the site members compete with a tender process. The employer selects the tender and appoints a member.

Freelancer takes a 10% fee from your earnings; however, taking up a subscription can reduce this percentage.

Most of the members on come from India, the United States of America, and Pakistan. The top job categories are IT & Software jobs, design, and media jobs, and Writing posts.

5. Peopleperhour

Ranging over 85,000+ fields and entries, you can never be on a sort of what you want. People Per Hour has posted 1.1 million jobs! It generated a million $ for freelancers, and over 1.5 million new registered users operating in 89 countries.

Based in the UK and founded in 2007, it has never declined since its inception partly because of ‘hire what you can’t do yourself.’ Listing is full of professionals as well as newcomers who can give bang for the price, but you can expect disappointment too. The things aren’t like what they seem, but anyhow the overall productivity greatly outnumbers the user’s dismay.

6. Toptal

Just as top freelancing sites as mentioned above, Toptal is also a site connecting employers with freelancers.

Founded by Taso Du Val and Breanden Beneschott in 2010, the company started as a virtual company with no offices. Val was an engineer at while Breanden was still an undergrad when they started this site.

Their online revenue already grew as high as 100 million $ in 2016 itself.

Though the company boasts the only 1/4th of the revenue by Upwork, they still are a very trustable platform in the market for freelancers.

Toptal also has options for you to choose from the best freelancers having previous industry experiences at top companies. They also provide you with an expert to help you understand what you want and which freelancer will be the best for you to hire.

They also have a trial basis where you pay only if you are satisfied with the work.

7. Guru

Just like other top freelancing sites, Guru is also a freelance marketplace. But it is one of the oldest among them.

Beginning in 1999, it was initially an online clearinghouse for high tech workers seeking short-term contracts.

The company raised $16 million in the first few years of working only. The venture by two brothers Jon and James Slavet was an instant hit.

Many famous people cited this as the one among few who made money from the internet providing new services.

Unicru acquired Guru in December 2002. Later, Unicru sold it to

8. Gigster

Gigster assists companies in expanding their innovation abilities. It helps them build dynamic teams made up of top global talent, thus creating industry-changing custom software.

It focuses on providing software and services for big enterprises by providing them with the top individuals from the industry.

This company’s founder Chris Keene was already a successful individual man having worked as VP cloud at VM ware. His vision of creating things for big companies reflects on this site, making it one of the top freelancing sites.

9. Outsourcely

Outsourcely is the most commitment-less site of them all. They are featuring a free membership as well as 10$/month for a featured one.

Outsourcely has the advantage that it provides long term engagement among the employer and the freelancer. Commitments here tend to stick for a permanent period giving the creator a regular income.

Though this comes with a problem too, the pay and job profiles here are less in comparison with others.

This company came into action in 2014.

The founder and CEO Posternetsky was frustrated by the way other virtual assistant platforms worked.

Therefore, he wanted to make a platform that offered reliable virtual assistants.

Outsourcely today has more than 250,000 fully-vetted remote workers from more than 130 countries in their database.

10. Airfleet

Airfleet is a site to get help in your marketing campaigns.

It is more suitable for companies that have a semi-skilled crew in terms of marketing or when they need to improve their marketing campaigns.

It provides a dedicated tech team for your marketing plans on-demand, thus helping you reach your goals faster.

The company focuses entirely on marketing which makes it distinct from other coder outsourcing companies.

Airfleet has a fleet of developers to make your campaign fly off the charts and help you in improving them using their software.

11. Creativemarket

This site is like Behance. People here come for creative work. It can feel more like a gift shop around the corner of your house.

It provides an excellent platform for people to make their imaginations come true to life as well as for many creators to get exposure by connecting over 7 million people around the globe.

Initiating in 2012, the company started when some of the founders got the idea of connecting creators with the employers when MetLife used a design from them earlier.

In 2017, the company came into complete existence when the company finally got out of the AutoDesk merger.

This instant hit story made it a go-to place for creative work.

12. Clarity

Clarity is a bit different from all these sites. It’s a service connecting you to experts who guide you in your work.

Clarity works on a booking platform requiring you to pay for those expert calls who charge you on an hourly basis.

Here you can be both the customer and the consultant based on your skills and requirements.

The founder of the company is Dan Martell.

He is one of the top angel investors in Canada who drove some successful ventures.

Clarity speaks trust and is very helpful for people looking for the correct advice to jumpstart their lives.

13. Behance

Behance is a site for freelancers. Adobe presents and maintains Behance.

Matias Corea and Scott Belsky are founders of Behance. It kickstarted in November 2005. The company initially relied on revenue from selling ad banners and selling 99U conference tickets.

Their first outside investment of $6.5 million came from Dave McClure and Jeff Bezos’ investment firm, Bezos Expeditions.

This was eventually bought by Adobe for a whopping $150 million in 2012 making it one of the top freelancing sites.

Wrapping It Up

If you are looking for the perfect remote workers for an organization, this list of top freelancing sites will help you find the best.

Building a remote team is practical, cost-efficient, and a much better option which is growing day by day.

Firstly, it is crucial to do thorough research.

Secondly, make up your mind about what you want. Don’t just rush posting job offers on every other website, especially when you are paying for it.

You always have the option to hire workers from more than one website, but when you start getting a team, it will be ideal if you limit it down to one or two sites.

It becomes effortless when you are managing your team form within one system.

Now that you know top freelancing sites for outsourcing, you can get started with your new project with a boost.