effective white hat SEO & Link building techniques

effective white hat SEO & Link building techniques

Have you tried a number of methods to rank your website using SEO and still no results?

In this article, you will understand what exactly is white hat SEO and how it works?

It’s already 2020 and you are soon to reach 2021, you know right that SEO takes a good few months to rank your site. So what are you waiting for? Start reading the blog and set a target for 2021. Aim to rank on potential keywords in 2021, it is possible if you start working on it from today.

What is a white hat SEO?

I am sure most of you out there have been doing black hat SEO due to which you are not reaching anywhere. You are trying really hard climbing the ladder, but you are not climbing the right ladder. This is because you think you or your SEO expert is using white hat SEO techniques to rank but it could be the black hat, due to which every time the Google algorithm changes you see a downfall in your organic results. Whereas, if you have been doing white hat SEO since the beginning you might see a downfall that hardly matters like maybe 1-2%.

My article will also help you to find the right SEO expert for your business. Someone who really has skills and knows what exactly is white hat SEO and link building technique. Someone who truly cares about your site and uses genuine ways to build an audience for your site.

If you are running a legal business and you have bought a domain name to stay there forever, then white hat SEO is for you. Using white hat SEO & link building techniques from this article will help you grow your business organically. These white hat SEO methods might be common to you, but after reading this article you will know how it all works together. What is the actual meaning of white hat SEO and why it is important for your business? Using white hat SEO, you will be able to build a network of links that make sense for your website and as well as to your business and business goals.

Well, I can help you to fix all this. My SEO techniques are nothing but simple white hat SEO that will give you the results that no other SEO expert or so-called Guru will tell you.

Effective white hat SEO link building techniques are as follows:

1. Article writing

2. Title optimization

3. Keyword optimization

4. On page SEO

5. Outreaching

Let’s start with article writing.

One of the best white hat SEO techniques is to write articles. To begin writing an article is quite simple, firstly just start with a niche. Well, when I say niche it must be niche’s niche. Yes, I hope I made it clear for you.

FYI: I will soon write another article on how to choose a niche to start writing a blog or an article, keep checking my blog.

Articles’ titles must not be too lengthy or too short. Just try to keep it around 60 characters maximum. Even if it is around 60-70 it doesn’t really matter. What really matters is a catchy headline that makes sense to the reader. The title that captures attention. The basic idea behind the 60 characters’ title is it should be fully visible on the Google search results.

Because if you check this screenshot below you will understand that on an average Google won’t show the full title, it only shows 60 characters average at a time. This is what matters and this could be one of the reasons behind someone clicking your article. This increases your chance to grab the visitor’s attention as your title is more readable than someone clicking on the article above or below your website in the search result whose title maybe cropped and unable to understand what exactly it is talking about.

title optimization

title optimization

Title optimization is a white hat SEO technique.

Yes, this is all that matters about the 60 characters. Now ask an SEO expert if he knows what is the main reason behind SEO titles being short? If they give you this answer, you got your man!

I hope you got all that I am trying to convey about article writing. I will be writing more about how to create the right type of article and content in my next few articles soon.

Now, let’s talk about keyword optimization.

Write down all the keywords about the niche that you see in the google search suggestions. It does not matter if you use any tools. Make a list of 100 keywords and add them to your content in the most appropriate way. Try to use long-tail keywords, that is where you can beat the competition.

Never ever complicate keyword optimization with keyword stuffing. Keep your articles as genuine as possible. All that matters is the focus keywords that you want to target and if that keyword is revolving in the right in your article. Done! Don’t ever try to push hard to stuff keywords. If you’re not able to put in keywords in your article, it is obvious, your article is not meant for that keyword so don’t push it.

By abiding these rules you will grow slowly but the organic results will be infinite. This is nothing but pure white hat SEO techniques which will continue in 2021, 2022, 2023, and till Google stops showing the text search results. Which is why it is famous for and gets the income for. In simple terms, Google won’t end it in the coming 50 years surely.

My other suggestion would be to write 1000, 2000, 3000 words articles and check the keyword density on this link: Keyword Density Checker

You will have an understanding of which words are repeating the most. Just make sure the titles and the words that repeat make sense. I will soon write an in depth article to explain how to use the Keyword Density Checker. This is one of the best methods to understand how many words are repeating in your article and if it makes sense to repeat these words.

When you understand the keyword density you have a knowledge about which words are repeating in your article. Based on the words calculation you can actually revise your titles if that is easier. Else, set your keywords well in the article. Both ways are fine to do. All it matters is a 100% readable article to your readers and Google bot.

All these techniques are nothing but white hat SEO. So have you been doing it correctly? Do let me know in my comments. I would love to know how you achieve SEO results for your website or blog.

Now, have you heard about outreach?

You must be thinking there is so much to do! My suggestion yes of course, so do you need an SEO expert to handle all this. But it is always good to learn and understand how it all works. Most important, you do it first on your own so that you understand well how it works and how much time it actually takes. Even if you have this much little knowledge, no so-called SEO guru can fool you or try to act smart with you.

I will introduce you to outreaching, one of the best ways to build links. Solely, the only white hat SEO link building technique that SEO experts have been using since Google and SEO was born. Yes, you read it right, all these years if you have been using some random techniques, they are just plain cheap tricks or cheap methods to link building. I am not saying the other ways to build links is a waste. But one outreach link can beat 1000 cheap links.

Outreaching is quite simple and effective. Generally, what outreach experts do is they know SEO is all about building networks online. So using email marketing skills they get in touch with other bloggers and build their networks. Outreaching is the only way to get backlinks for your site. This technique has been there since SEO started but no one will ever tell you about this, because this is like doing sales. You need to be a business development expert for this. Only a person who can do sales and convince someone can easily do this. To be more obvious outreaching is the only white hat SEO and link building technique.

Trust me it is not difficult at all.

Now to learn outreaching you will have to learn about email marketing too.

White hat SEO techniques are not difficult to learn, but to get a link using outreaching is slow initially until you understand how it all works. But once you understand how to do it, trust me it is fun and you will build a network online for your business. In this way, you not only get backlinks for your business but also get business online, that too organically. This is the reason white hat SEO matters when you are running a genuine business online, as you are not focused on building links but your actual practice is to build a network online for your business.

Just create a simple email like the one below:

Hi ABC Site Owner/Author

My name is XYZ,

I was reading your articles on this page: abc.com/article

I have written an article which might give some extra value to your readers

Here is my article link: xyz.com/article

Please let me know if you can add this article link somewhere on your page.

I would be happy to share your article across 20+ Facebook groups that I have connections with.

Thank you for reading this.

Note: Even if you don’t want to give me the link, I would be happy to know it, just keep me informed as I am waiting for your kind reply.

Once again thank you for your time.


Now, how do you send this email to the bloggers?

The straight answer is Mailchimp. Create a free account on Mailchimp and keep sending not less than 100 emails per day. In the free version, you can shoot up to 5000 emails in a month. Try Mailchimp or any other email marketing tool that you use, it doesn’t really matter. What matters is the email reaching the right person.

Just make sure you research the active emails of the bloggers/authors.

Check the screenshot below for Mailchimp’s pricing. My advice is until you are not a pro, use the free application, otherwise, $10 per month is also not bad.

mailchimp pricing

mailchimp pricing

If you don’t have time for these methods don’t jump without a plan. Make a plan, hire content writers on an hourly basis, and someone who can help you with blogger outreach services. You can also outsource your work on freelancer sites, here are the 13 top freelancing sites to outsource your work.

I am soon going to write a blog on email marketing techniques to help you out with outreaching in a better way. Stay tuned with me and keep reading my blog.

Besides, once you start blogging and writing articles, you will soon start receiving emails from other bloggers outreaching to you or they might be an outreach expert. Build connections with them simply by giving them links to your website if they are interested.

These were a few great effective white SEO techniques that I always use to achieve results for my customers and I do see results. Sometimes if the competition is low, it takes a few months, but I have learned this in my SEO life experience and it is never too late. So start from today or better now!

You can also use tools to handle these techniques. There are a few awesome digital marketing tools that would surely help you with your digital marketing campaigns, visit my blog page to know more about them.

Well well well, I know it is easy to talk about all these white hat SEO link building techniques. But just know one thing, you are into a business. You cannot expect magical or lucky results. You are not gambling, you are running a business. Work hard, opportunities will knock your door! Run your blog like a startup business and not as a time pass or a hobby to write articles. If it is about money, you will have to respect and value money as well as your time.

Thank you for giving me your precious time. If you need links on my blog please feel free to email me anytime or Whatsapp me on +919819111076 if you have any queries. Please don’t call me as I am busy writing other articles for you.